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Ensure your child enjoys their online experience

Websites offer the opportunity to browse billions of pages of information. Much of the information is safe and harmless to children, but there are plenty of sites containing content of a violent, pornographic or other undesirable nature, that of course you wouldn't want your children to see.

Children as young as five now know how to type a simple search phrase into a search engine; they only have to type one word that has a double meaning and they could be presented with something undesirable. The UK’s children have greater access to the internet than ever before, through PCs, mobile phones and even gaming machines. According to the UK communications regulator, Ofcom, three in four children aged 5-15 now use the internet at home - yet only 43% of parents of children aged 5-15 say they have controls or filtering software in place; a situation that has actually worsened since 2008 (49%)1.

"In 2008 I recommended to the UK Council for Child Internet Safety that there should be a Kitemark parental control software - in order to help parents make effective choices and to help children safely enjoy access to the kinds of websites that help them be creative, have fun and learn without the frustration of overblocking. I'm delighted to see that the first Kitemark has been awarded and that a provider has met the rigorous BSI standards. I would encourage all parents to seek out software with the Kitemark and would encourage other providers of parental control software to aim to reach the BSI standard"
Professor Tanya Byron, UK

There are a number of things that you, as a parent, can do to ensure your child only views suitable websites. One way is to install a software product on any computer which your child uses at home. These programs enable you to screen out or block access to particular types of web site. Amongst other things, these same programs can also limit the amount of time your child can go on the internet, or stop certain games or other programs from running at all on their machine. They can often also allow you to monitor or receive reports on your child's use of the internet, the computer, or both.

Child safety online programs achieving the Kitemark, now means that parents and carers will know they are getting a safer and more reliable product that has been independently tested and will offer the most consistent level of protection currently available on the market.

What's different about Kitemark products?

  • Rigorously and independently tested to a high standard for usability and effectiveness
  • Provide parents and carers with ongoing support to ensure that their concerns are continued to be met after purchase
  • Automatic updates to ensure that they continue to be effective
  • Easy to install via a disk or selection from an ISP subscription
  • Simple to set up so that it meets the needs of every family
  • The best way to ensure that children can access the internet safely
  • What will the Kitemark products or services filter out?

    All such products or services will be tested by BSI for their ability to block specified categories of websites based on the URL. These categories are:

  • Adult (sexually explicit) content
  • Violence (including weapons and bombs)
  • Racist and hate material
  • Illegal drug taking and the promotion of illegal drug use
  • Criminal skills/activity
  • Gambling
  • The Kitemark’s integrity means that, as a parent or carer, you will know you are getting a safer and more reliable product, that has been independently tested and will offer the most consistent level of protection currently available on the market. 93% of the UK adult population trust Kitemark products or services and 88% of them believe that a Kitemark shows that the product comes from a reputable company. Surf safely…insist on Kitemark®

    Ofcom, UK children's Media Literacy Report, 26th March 2010.

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